Monday, 1 February 2016

Part 2 - About GM Hanshi RGR

Since 1970 Grand Master Hanshi Rajaguru has received many awards from elders, distinguished officials, high martial arts officials, karate organizations, and social service organizations for his service in Martial Arts and for his involvement in social service, such as: “Rajaguru” “Kind Heartedness” “Messenger of Peace” “Seva Ratna – True Symbol of Social Service” “Jambavan” “Karate Star” “Maha Aishwaryam” “Best Social Worker” “Manitha Neyar” “Best Guide in Life” “Veera Ratna – True Symbol of Braveness” “Best Karate Grand Master” “Best National Integrator” “Best Chief Technical Director” “Best National Sports Man” “Best Lifetime Achievement” “Best Civic Leadership” and etc.

He says the reason for his martial arts involvement is God’s grace, Parents blessings, and revolutionary leader M.G.R.   It was watching M.G.R.’s movie fight scenes and social service from a young age, he was determined to learn martial arts and do social service.

More about our GM Hanshi Rajaguru will continue, in the meantime enjoy the following pictures…..

Founder & Grand Master of Shotokan Do – Karate Speed Power International Organization
Late Soke John Samson Dass presenting the
“International Grand Championship” Trophy (Gold Medal) to Rajaguru T. Ravindran

Rajaguru at the International Championships Tournament – Malaysia

Rajaguru receiving the “International Best Achiever in Karate” award from
Former President Late Hon. Shri R. Venkataraman when he was a Defence Minister

“Seva Ratna”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Shri. P. Bhaskaran
Former High Court Judge – Tamil Nadu

“Karate Star”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Shri S. Kumaraswamy IPS
Former Director General of Police – Tamil Nadu – India

“Best Karate Master”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Pon. Paramaguru IPS
Former Director General of Police – Tamil Nadu – India
Justice P. Bhaskaran
Former High Court Judge

“Best Humanitarian for Human Rights”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Shri R. Nataraj IPS
Addl. Director General of Police
Director of Vigilance Division, Statue Human Rights Commission
Tamil Nadu – India

“Best Karate Demonstrator”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Deborah Danis
Director, Toronto Tax Service, Revenue Canada

“Best National Integrator”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Justice K. Swamy Durai
Former High Court Jude, Chennai – India
Former Member of the Human Rights Commission, Tamil Nadu – India

“Best Residential Social Worker”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Mr. Subramaniam
Superintendent of Police – Chennai

“Best Grand Master of Karate”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Shri. Pattiala IOFS
General Manager of HVF
Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

“Maha Aishwaryam”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Tamil Nadu Womens Federation

“Life Time Achievement Award”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Hon. Senator Mr. Robert J. Garagiola
Maryland State Senate – USA

“Civic Leadership Award”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Mr. Isiah Leggett
Montogomery County Executive – Washington DC, USA

“Best Technical Director”
Awarded to Rajaguru by Dai Sensei Dr. Moses Thilak
Former Chairman – All India Karate-Do Federation – India

To Be Continued…..